4,000+ Take Part In 26th Annual Vince Lombardi Cancer Walk

We never have a shortage of participation when it comes to doing some good for others in need.  That’s the Cheesehead Way… via Over 4,000 take part in 26th annual Vince Lombardi Cancer Walk | FOX6Now.com.

The Lombardi Legacy: Dave Robinson & Royce Boyles

To honor the Green Bay Packers still undefeated 12 and 0 record, we thought we’d dig into a bit of the Packers past for this posting…  We had the great fortune of running into “The Lombardi Legacy” and “The Lombardi Impact” authors Dave Robinson, former Packers “Lombardi Era” legendary linebacker, and Royce Boyles during a … Continue reading

“Lombardi” Benifit Show Scheduled At The Milwaukee Rep

“We are excited to announce this very special benefit performance to help support the fight against cancer.  While we are unable to exchange previously purchased Lombardi tickets for this event, as a loyal supporter of The Rep we wanted to provide you the first opportunity to purchase a ticket and add your support to the Vince Lombardi … Continue reading

What Kind Of Cheesehead Are You? (VIDEO PREMIERE)

* * *

Super Bowl XLV – The Original Lombardi Trophy On Display

Little need be said here as it is self explanatory.  Enjoy these fantastic photos of the original Super Bowl Trophy (named the Vince Lombardi Trophy after his untimely death).  This original piece of art is the model that is used to create the Lombardi Trophy each year by Tiffany’s of New York (according to the … Continue reading

Super Bowl XLV – Packers Art At The NFL Experience

Above are two works of “art in progress” that we encountered at the NFL Experience.  The painting of Vince Lombardi was being finished by an exhibitor who does fan art of famous former players and NFL legends.  The mural is a montage work of various Green Bay Packers from this years team, and appears to be … Continue reading

Vince Lombardi Teaches Football (Video Filmed In Green Bay in the 60’s)

Here’s a bit of Wisconsin history that’s still valid today if you want to learn how to play football like the pros do.  Vince Lombardi giving a ten minute tutorial on the basics of football that never really change no matter how much the NFL and the modern day game seems to.  Even if you … Continue reading

Jerry Kramer On The Red Carpet For Opening Night Of “LOMBARDI” On Broadway

Packer Legend Jerry Kramer talks to Aaron Nagler about Coach Vince Lombardi on the opening night of LOMBARDI, a new play on broadway (courtesy of Cheeseheadtv.com). * * *     * * *

Packers -vs- Jets & Lombardi on Broadway!

* * * To prove a solid point as to why we are making this documentary, the legendary Vince Lombardi (5 time World Championship coach of the Green Bay Packers, winner of the Super Bowls 1 & 2) is now honored with a hit show on Broadway.  There are so many more stories to be … Continue reading

See “Cheeseheads: The Documentary” To Completion!

* * * For anyone who has ever been passionate about a project or creative endeavor that has overtaken you to the point where you will do almost anything to see it come to life, you can certainly relate to our quest to get “Cheeseheads: The Documentary” made.  It’s an idea that has been with … Continue reading