Travel Wisconsin

There is much more to Wisconsin than the Green Bay Packers, cheese, and beer, though if there wasn’t that would still be plenty enough.  It’s quite a beautiful place what with the glaciers leaving behind all sorts of interesting geological variations throughout the state when they receded thousands of years ago.

So as we go along in the process of making this documentary, we will be posting our journey from throughout the state.  In the meantime, we get what we can up here, and encourage any of our fellow cheeseheads to contact us if you have an interesting photo, video, or story you might want to post on this site.  And who knows, some of that stuff might just end up immortalized in our documentary (with permission, of course).

* * *

Wisconsin From Space (C) NASA

And to abide by copyright law:  Image courtesy Liam Gumley, Space Science and Engineering Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison, as is the photo below of Wisconsin From Space in the WINTER…  Not all that different really.

Here’s a map from NASA of Solar Winds over the norther parts of the Midwest, one which just happens to leave Wisconsin quite visible…

WI From Space SNOW 2013

And another killer shot from NASA and U.W. Madison show Wisconsin during a major snow weather pattern (January 2013)…

And Of course a Freeway Map of the state of Wisconsin, one that we’ve filled in extensively while doing the documentary…

* * *

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