State & Local Sports

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The U.W. Badgers, college teams, and local sports (We Love Curling).


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2 Responses to “State & Local Sports”
  1. To all the ” CHEESEHEADS “; I’d like to say that you think you know “HOW TO RAP ” , Well thats just a ” BUNCH OF CRAP “! Your video might be funny to alot of you! This is FUNNIER then that. Rogers said, ” OUR PLAN IS TO ” TAKE THE CROWD OUT OF THE GAME “! That’s lame and won’t work; because we have AP {ADRIAN PETERSON}!! for THAT!!!


    • You got lucky last week, Carl, what with the incomplete pass leading to a TD because we had no time outs to challenge. Now let’s see who wins this weekend when the Packers actually have something to lose…


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