Famous Cheeseheads

As the page title indicates, we will be featuring many a famous person from Wisconsin during the course of making this documentary, some of whom you will be quite surprised to find out, be they born there, graduated from one of the states many fine universities, or were simply adopted by the people of Wisconsin as one of their own.  We can’t in any way attest to their love of the Packers, Bucky, or Wisconsin Cheese, but their connection to Wisconsin is strong so here they are.

In the meantime, here is a list of some of the Famous Cheeseheads that you may well know from television and film.  If you know of someone who should be added to the list, send it to us.  Please keep submissions on this page to famous LIVING Cheeseheads.  Famous though sadly deceased Cheeseheads should be listed on the “Historical Cheesheads” page.  We welcome all accurate submissions.

* * *

Andrea Anders – (born in Madison, raised in DeForest)

Jim Abrahams – (Born in Milwaukee, attended UW-Madison)

Frank Caliendo – (raised in Waukesha, UW–Milwaukee)

Joan Cusack – (Graduated from UW-Madison)

Heather Graham – (Born in Milwaukee)

Rich Dahm – (Colbert producer, Attended UW-Madison)

Willem DeFoe – (Born in Appleton)

Tyne Daly – (Born in Madison)

Harrsion Ford – (Attended Ripon College)

Joel Hodgson – (Born in Stevens Point)

Tom Hulce – (Born in Whitewater, attended Beloit College)

Bonnie Hunt – (Performed at the ARK Repertory Theatre in Madison)

Al Jarreau – (Born Milwaukee, attend Madison, grad Ripon College)

Kirsten Johnston – (Raised and schooled in Milwaukee)

Jane Kaczmarek – (Born in Milwaukee)

David Koepp – (Born in Pewaukee. Attended UW-Madison)

Michael Mann – Director-Producer (Attended UW-Madison)

Steve Miller – Rock Star(Attended UW-Madison)

Chris Mulkey – (was born in Viroqua, Wisconsin)

Christopher Noth – “Sex & The City” (Born in Madison)

Amy Pietz – (Born and raised in Oak Creek)

Gena Rowlands – (Born in Cambria; attended UW-Madison)

Boz Scaggs – (Attended UW-Madison)

Arnold Schwarzenegger – (Graduated from UW-Superior)

Campbell Scott – (Attended Lawrence University in Appleton)

Tony Shalhoub – (Raised in the Door County area of Wisconsin)

Tom Snyder – (Born in Milwaukee and attended Marquette University)

Zack Snyder – Director of “The 300” (Green Bay)

Greta Van Susteren – (born in Appleton)

Eric Szmanda – (Of CSI Fame – born in Milwaukee)

Jessica Szohr – “Gossip Girl” (Born in Menomonee Falls)

Daniel J. Travanti – (Born in Kenosha, graduated from UW)

Bob Uecker – (Born in Milwaukee)

Peter Weller “Robocop” – (Born in Stevens Point)

Bradley Whitford – (Raised Madison, graduated Wesleyan)

Gene Wilder – (Jerome Silberman) (Born and raised in Milwaukee)

Tom Wopat – (Born in Lodi, attended UW-Madison)

Oprah Winfrey – (raised in an inner-city Milwaukee neighborhood)

Jerry Ziesmer – (Grew up in Milwaukee)

David Zucker – (Born in Milwaukee, graduated UW-Madison)

Jerry Zucker – (Born in Milwaukee, graduated UW-Madison)

* * *

8 Responses to “Famous Cheeseheads”
  1. Carrie LaNou says:

    Ann Landers and Abigail Van Buren


  2. abbeystarr says:

    Don’t forget Mark Ruffalo! He’s from Kenosha!


  3. Farrell Hope says:

    C’mon, you missed the MOST famous

    Houdini – (Hymie Weiss) (Born and raised in Appleton)
    Golda Meier – (Prime Minister Israel) (Born Milwaukee)
    Richard Ira Bong – (Top US air ace 40 kills in Pacific WWII)(Born Superior, Wisconsin)
    Joe McCarthy – (infamous Senator tail gunner Joe) (Born on farm near Grand Chute, attended Marquette U)
    Edna Ferber – (Famous author) (attended school and Lawrence U in Appleton)
    James King Aurness – (James Arness) (actor Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke)(Attended Beloit College)


    • Thanks Farrell. Those are terrific additions, though they work better on the Historical Cheeseheads page for the most part (you can see a write-up on Houdini on that page already, though we haven’t filled it out much more than that). If you have any more suggestions, please send them along as we can’t possibly know evey amazing cheesehead to have graced us with their brilliance so we are always looking for input such as yours. Again, thanks from one cheesehead to another.


    • John Kaczmarowski says:

      Georgia O’Keeffe?
      Les Paul?
      Frank Lloyd Wright?
      John Bardeen?
      John Galt (ok, this is just a stand in for John Bardeen and Ayn Rand is an idiot, but still…)

      C’mon, what sort of Cheesehead doesn’t know this stuff? Go back to Cheesehead school, you hoser.



      • This particular page is meant to address the topic of famous “Living” Cheeseheads. You can also go to the page marked “Historical Cheeseheads” where all of those that you listed will eventually appear.

        As to your list, please check out the hudnreds of entries throughout the site (including several recent ones) where you will find postings on Les Paul and Frank Lloyd Wright, not to mention our archives have a couple of entries on Liberace. We have yet to get to many of the others since there is quite a vast number of them but they will be addressed in due time.

        As to going back to Cheesehead school, we welcome any input from fellow Cheeseheads so as to make this site as thorough as anyone has ever attempted to do regading Wisconsin (though we must admit that your use of the term “hoser” made us wonder if you might not be a Canuck in Cheeseheads clothing)…

        Thanks for commenting and be well…


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