Production Team

Information regarding our efforts in making CHEESEHEADS The Documentary.  In the meantime, here’s a shot of our obsessive Cheesehead Producer in the end zone at Lambeau Field.

* * *

* * *

Our Executive Producer WOLFGANG

Our EP Wolfgang

* * *

12 Responses to “Production Team”
  1. Michael Leedom says:

    Wolfgang! Great meeting you earlier today in Whistler Village. I will check out the Documentary. You appear happy, healthy, and wise. All the best, Mike


  2. Hello, We would be interested in screening this documentary at Appleton Public Library. Could you supply ordering and public performance details? Thank you, Elizabeth Eisen


  3. Leah Liebergen says:

    I just saw that you are screening the movie at the Mead Library in Sheboygan. Any way that we could screen it at the Brown County Library in Green Bay? We would love to! Please email me at


  4. Wolfgang says:

    Catching the train to CheeseHead Nation from BC. eh…


  5. Larry Smith says:

    I’m from Wisconsin now living in Illinois. When we head north to Wisconsin and hit the state line we refer to it as going beyond the cheddar curtain. Very spooky.


  6. hey john, just checkin out your site…lookin good buddy!

    frozen tundra man


  7. Greg Le Noue says:

    GO BEARS!!!!! revenge will be mine…


  8. Sheila Grannan says:

    I really like the website. I’ll see if I have some photo’s of our Lambeau tour to send you!


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