The World Loves Wisconsin Ginseng – via Wisconsinology

Here’s a neat little article about how Wisconsin is the largest grower of Ginseng in the United States, and heralded as the best in China and other countries who prize it for its quality.  My brother goes to China all the time on business and can attest to this first hand, as he gets asked … Continue reading

The Cheese & Burger Society, With A Side Helping Of Cheese Humor…

You really must check this site out if you don’t already know about it.  The Cheese & Burger Society puts a whole new spin on what these two delicious items put together can become.  Lots of great burger recipes and some good humor.  And if I’m not mistaken, the funny lines voiced throughout the site … Continue reading

Dairy Doing More In Wisconsin (Photos & Link)

Funded by Wisconsin dairy producers, the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board is a nonprofit organization that promotes the awareness and consumption of Wisconsin milk, cheese and other dairy products. Our mission is to help grow demand for Wisconsin milk. * * *   * * * Via Photos: Wisconsin Cows, Farmers, Environment and Farmstead Images | … Continue reading

Wisconsin Cheese Originals (A Cheese Festival)

Wisconsin cheesemakers craft more than 600 varieties, types and styles of cheese, from classic, familiar favorites to a growing number of award-winning “signature cheeses” — original cheeses you’ll find made nowhere else in the world. Wisconsin Cheese Originals shares information about new artisan cheeses and cheesemakers by hosting a variety of events — cheesemaker dinners, … Continue reading

Wisconsin Cheese Cupid (A Little Bit Of Fun)

Here’s a little bit of fun with trying to pair up your favorite cheeses and wines (or other drinks).  Via Wisconsin Cheese Cupid. * * *  

Wisconsin Cheese: America’s Heartland Series (Video)

* * * 1st collector for Wisconsin Cheese: America’s Heartland (Video) Follow my videos on vodpod

Ellsworth – The “Cheese Curds Capital Of Wisconsin”

We’ve tried every one of the various flavors of cheese curds from the Ellsworth Creamery in Ellsworth Wisconsin and we must conclude that they are all incredibly good.  Thy didn’t sponsor this endrosement in any way, they just have damn fine cheese curds and we’re proud to promote them, just as we will all of … Continue reading

Grant Gets What A Cheesehead Is!

An epiphany moment for the ultra young Packers fan Grant Shipley when he finally realizes just what a Cheesehead is.

See “Cheeseheads: The Documentary” To Completion!

* * * For anyone who has ever been passionate about a project or creative endeavor that has overtaken you to the point where you will do almost anything to see it come to life, you can certainly relate to our quest to get “Cheeseheads: The Documentary” made.  It’s an idea that has been with … Continue reading

Impact Seven’s Community Development In Wisconsin

* * * A community development corporation (CDC), Impact Seven was founded in 1970 by people of northwestern Wisconsin concerned with a waning economy, the outmigration of the its youth, and poverty of area residents. Our mission – to comprehensively impact the population of Wisconsin, with an emphasis on the rural areas of the state … Continue reading