I AM A CHEESEHEAD! (Video Premiere)

In celebration of a whole new season of football on the way, the Brewers ripping things up in baseball, and the Badgers looking as killer as ever, here’s our collection of the declarations of Cheeseheadedness we’ve collected from earlier this year.  Just wait until we finish with this segment of shooting and it could go … Continue reading

Wisconsin Tree House Redefines ‘Hideout’ in Onalasak (Video)

When we were young, we had to build our own tree forts in the ravine behind the back yard of our Cameron house.  Nothing near as luxurious as this one, but then we also had the pride of building it ourselves from things we found around the yard, or all over town for that matter. … Continue reading

Grant Gets What A Cheesehead Is!

An epiphany moment for the ultra young Packers fan Grant Shipley when he finally realizes just what a Cheesehead is.

Welcome To “CHEESEHEADS: The Documentary”

  * * * And to think that the men at the games go shirtless.  Well that wouldn’t be allowed for these lovely women, though they look quite nice in what they have on… * * *