I AM A CHEESEHEAD! (Video Premiere)

In celebration of a whole new season of football on the way, the Brewers ripping things up in baseball, and the Badgers looking as killer as ever, here’s our collection of the declarations of Cheeseheadedness we’ve collected from earlier this year.  Just wait until we finish with this segment of shooting and it could go on for some time.

Events covered in this video included The Rose Bowl in Pasadena on January 1st 2011, Super Bowl XLV in Texas, Packerpalooza in Chicago on May 1st 2011, and dozens of other events througout the state of Wisconsin…  Hope you enjoy and please spread the word with links so we can get those Youtube numbers up for this one since it’s a lot of fun…

And let’s not forget our good friend and fellow Cheesehead, actor Chris Mulkey for making a special guest appearance at the beginning of the video…

* * *

* * *

* * *

2 Responses to “I AM A CHEESEHEAD! (Video Premiere)”
  1. Steve says:

    Please define CheeseHead for me. is it:

    1. Someone from/living-in Wisconsin (per WisconsinHistory.org)
    2. A Green Bay Packer fan.
    3. A Packer fan from/living-in Wisconsin.
    4. Any of the above, depending upon context.


    • Thanks for the comment. We believe that it is “Any of the above, depending on context” but also something more than that. While it is most commonly accepted as a Packers fan or someone from Wisconsin, we have discovered through the course of interviews and travel that it is a culture and a mind-set that involves family, community, sports, nature, and of course the willingness to embrace derrision and humor and in fact claim it for your own. And when we say sports, we don’t just mean the Green Bay Packers. They love sports of all kinds (where else outside of Canada can you find Curling Clubs in nearly every city and town). We’ve even heard people say they are cheeseheads simply because they love Wiscosnin cheese. Cheeseheads are proudly peculiar, fun loving, hard working people. They can also be easy to please. Just give them a beer, a brat, and a sporting event to watch and they are good to go.


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