“Wisconsin Girls” Hilarious Satire Of The Cheesehead Stereotypes We Embrace

For all of us who understand what being a Cheesehead is all about, this video really captures the mood of it in a satirical way.  Lots of fun thanks to Abbey Starr, a fellow Cheesehead pursuing the dream of proving to the world that we Wisconsinites love to make fun of ourselves and each other… … Continue reading

What Kind Of Cheesehead Are You? (VIDEO PREMIERE)

* * *

U.W. Madison Women’s Hockey Team Wins National Title (Again)

* * * And the championships just keep happening, making 2011 the “Year Of The Cheesehead”.  Oh, did we forget to mention that this is also the year in which we are making a documentary about the great state of Wisconsin and we Cheeseheads.  Talk about luck (though we prefer to think it was prescience). … Continue reading

Super Bowl XLV – Super Bowl Victory Celebration Cheeseheads Style!

Super Bowl XLV rocked on many levels, but it was a nail-biter as well.  To that end, we spent so much energy and effort filming the glorious happenings all around Arlington these past five days that we barely have the energy to say anything in words right now, so we’ll let these fellow cheeseheads tell … Continue reading

NFL: Ranking The Hottest Fan Bases | Green Bay Packers #10

** * There’s really not a whole lot to comment on here as the photos speak for themselves.  Whatever people from outside Wisconsin may think of us Cheeseheads, we certainly have our fair share of beauties in this state. * * * via 10. Green Bay Packers | NFL: Ranking The Hottest Fan Bases | … Continue reading

Welcome To “CHEESEHEADS: The Documentary”

  * * * And to think that the men at the games go shirtless.  Well that wouldn’t be allowed for these lovely women, though they look quite nice in what they have on… * * *