Secretary Of Tourism Stephanie Klett On Cheesehead Nation

I had a terrific interview with Wisconsin Secretary of Tourism and former Miss Wisconsin Stephanie Klett.  She’s quite the lively one and made for a fun interview about all things Wisconsin and Cheesehead Nation, and will be an incredible addition to the documentary.  Here’s a quick excerpt from the interview. * * * * * … Continue reading

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett Talks Sports, Art & Wisconsin Nice

I had the pleasure of interviewing Tom Barrett as well last fall (long before the recall election) and he gave some interesting insights on our love of arts, sports, and of course the Wisconsin Nice we are all so familiar with.  It was another great interview for the documentary and will likely be a great … Continue reading

Governor Scott Walker Admits To Being A Cheesehead

I had the pleasure of interviewing Governor Scott Walker for the documentary.  He was a congenial man with a good sense of humor and a great addition to the documentary.  What I was most impressed with, besides his love of the Packers, was a great story he told about the history of beer and cheese … Continue reading

Milwaukee City Hall: An Historic Building Worth A Visit

We had the great pleasure of interviewing Milwaukee Mayor (and former Wisconsin Congressman) Tom Barrett at the Milwaukee city hall for the documentary and while there took the opportunity to check the place out for its historical significance.  It’s quite the building but the pictures do much better to tell you all about it than … Continue reading

What Kind Of Cheesehead Are You? (VIDEO PREMIERE)

* * *

Protest Coverage Via Channel 3000 In Madison (Link)

While the concept of “Cheeseheads: The Documentary” has little to do with politics short of perhaps Wisconsin’s historically progressive record of social, civil, and political change, the protests in Madison are certainly worthy of a posting here if only for the sake of bringing more light to what is taking place, especially since our documentary … Continue reading

The Duffy-Lassa Political Debate Held In Rice Lake

Sean Duffy and Julie Lassa debate at the fine arts theater at the UW-Barron county campus in Rice Lake Wisconsin on Wednesday October 20th 2010. They are running to succeed long time retiring congressman Dave Obey in Wisconsin’s 7th US Congressional district. (photo courtesy of and (c) John Monson).   * * *