See “Cheeseheads: The Documentary” To Completion!

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For anyone who has ever been passionate about a project or creative endeavor that has overtaken you to the point where you will do almost anything to see it come to life, you can certainly relate to our quest to get “Cheeseheads: The Documentary” made.  It’s an idea that has been with us for some time, and though we have the knowledge, skills, and passion to make it happen, we are waiting on funding through channels that take far too much time.  That said, we need your support in order to keep things rolling into the next segment of this journey of discover, to tell the story of my passion for the great state of Wisconsin and the Cheeseheads that abide there and all over the United States.

Like everyone else in this economic downturn, we’re budget strapped and in need of a financial boost to keep “Cheeseheads: The Documentary” moving.  We’re not asking for a large sum of money from anyone, just a small amount from each of you, as it all adds up when many of us get involved.  Further, we want to keep this documentary as realistic and honest as possible so we’re relying on our families, friends, and anyone else you might know who is interested in supporting a great idea about an interesting place with many fascinating stories to be told.  Help us in making “Cheeseheads: The Documentary” as it’s so much more than just beer, cheese, and football.

* * *


After twenty years of living elsewhere, a man returns to the place of his youth with a camera in hand ready to rediscover just what it means to be a Cheesehead.  While his career choices may have led him elsewhere, he has always been a Cheesehead to the core, a proud Wisconsinite who may have left the state, but the state never left him.  Through the course of this video documented journey, he intends to discover the greatness of the state from it’s small town Midwest lifestyle, to its big city yet seemingly still quite small town metropolises, its rural splendor, and everything else in between.

When most people think of Wisconsin they think of cheese, beer, and more often then not the Green Bay Packers, and well they should as Wisconsin is quite proud of those three claims to fame.  Yet there is so much more to this fine state than that, many things of which Wisconsinites would be proud to boast upon if only the rest of the world even knew about them.  Of course what Wisconsin is really all about are it’s Cheeseheads, the people from the state who make it such a rewarding place to live and be from.  “Cheeseheads: The Documentary” intends to show all of these things and more.

Amidst all of this we intend to follow the never-ending Brett Favre saga and what that means to the Cheesehead culture, what the Green Bay Packers mean to their extensive fan base throughout the country, and to hopefully document (via the fans) the Green Bay Packers drive to get to the 2010 Super Bowl in Dallas.  Whether it ends in the pride of victory or the heartache of defeat, along the way we intend to discover the heart and passion behind the fans of this team of legends and championships.

And the fact is, despite this particular story being based in a singular region of the United States, the concept of “Cheeseheads: The Documentary” is really about what it means to be a part of a group, a culture, or a region.  It’s an idea that is universal and has more to do with relating to the similarities between ourselves and others as human beings than it does our differences.  It’s about the coming together, the expression of who we are, and about finding a common cause to unite over, especially if it involves the almighty Green Bay Packers (or any team you may love).

As to the documentary itself, we’ve already shot several hours of footage (including events at the Green Bay Packers 2010 Family Night), sought out interest from some “Famous Cheeseheads” to participate in the project (with many more to hopefully follow, and believe us, there are quite a few of them), and have already moved forward with capturing what we can on the Green Bay Packers 2010 drive towards the Super Bowl in Dallas.  We’ve also gone about collecting interviews from everyday Cheeseheads, oddities of Wisconsin, and many of it’s famous landmarks.  In short, we’re not dropping the ball on this tremendous idea, we just need you help to see it through.

* * *

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