The Lombardi Legacy: Dave Robinson & Royce Boyles

To honor the Green Bay Packers still undefeated 12 and 0 record, we thought we’d dig into a bit of the Packers past for this posting… 

We had the great fortune of running into “The Lombardi Legacy” and “The Lombardi Impact” authors Dave Robinson, former Packers “Lombardi Era” legendary linebacker, and Royce Boyles during a book signing at Festival Foods in Eau Claire this past fall.  They were terrifc to talk too and Dave even let us try on his Super Bowl 1 ring (see photos).  Afterwards both gentleman sat down for an interview with us at Famous Dave’s and told us all about the history of the Lombardi era and some great stories about the Packers.  We’ll be posting a few clips from those interviews soon.  In the meantime you can find more out about their incredible books at:

The Lombardi Legacy on Facebook     –     The Lombardi Legacy Website     –     Dave Robinson’s Bio 

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