Renard’s Cheese: Door County’s Dairy Secret

While traveling up to Sturgeon Bay on a pleasant fall day (rainy as it was) to check out the landscape and scout for some footage, we came across Renard’s Cheese just a few miles out from Sturgeon Bay.  As we do with every cheese shop we spot along the roads and highways of Wisconsin, we pulled in to check out the local flavors and variety of cheese Believe us, it varies widely all around the state with these magnificent artisan cheesemakers.  We did find some terrific cheeses here, our favorite being the Morel Mushroom and Leak Jack Cheese which is one of their specialties.  They had dozens of other varieties and the cheese curds, fresh that morning, were some of the best we had throughout the state, and that’s saying a lot since so many cheesemakers are so good at the fresh cheese curds.  If you are ever in the mood for a Door County road trip or vacation, you have to stop at Renard’s Cheese and get some of your own.

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