Titletown In Titletown: Where Beer & History Hook Up In Many Ways

We can’t say enough about how fantastic Brent and all the magnificent staff at Titletown Brewing Company treated us.  They were like a second home base for us during a shooting schedule in Green Bay.  We did at least four interviews at the restaurant alone and will likely do more next time around as it … Continue reading

What Kind Of Cheesehead Are You? (VIDEO PREMIERE)

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Duffy’s Bar In Long Lake, Where Nobody Knows Your Name (But Who Cares, It’s A Fun Place)

Duffy’s in Long Lake (near Spooner, we’re told) where you can find a Jackalope on the wall, signage to make you laugh, and a Santa overseeing a coffin (at least at Christmas).  Or as the tag from this Youtube video makes clear,  Another Great Time at Duffy’s…..a place where no one knows your name.  The … Continue reading