Titletown In Titletown: Where Beer & History Hook Up In Many Ways

We can’t say enough about how fantastic Brent and all the magnificent staff at Titletown Brewing Company treated us.  They were like a second home base for us during a shooting schedule in Green Bay.  We did at least four interviews at the restaurant alone and will likely do more next time around as it seems to be the place to go for good food and an incredibly wide variety of brews that you can pretty much only get there.  We sampled quite a few of them just to make sure they were good, but it turns out they were great.  This place is a must visit when in Green Bay, if not only for the beer, for the deep fried cheese curds as well.

Beyond Titletown’s name and distinct link to the history of Green Bay (see below), they also had one awesome characteristic in front of the building that gave us pause for thought of the memories of visiting the old GreenBay Packers Hall Of Fame back in the 70’s and early 80’s, that of the Packers wide reciever statue that iused to be in front of the HofF, but is now adroning the front lawn (impressively so) of the Titletwon Brewing Company. 

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Titletown Brewing Company opened on December 3, 1996. The Dousman Street Depot was alive again with the sounds of people. Titletown serves the area as an upscale eating establishment and microbrewery, while preserving the 100 year history of this Green Bay landmark. In December 1999, the depot was officially named to the National Register of Historic Places. Titletown is pleased to welcome you as a visitor to the depot. As you enjoy your food and drink, we hope you will take some time to look around the building and remember its rich history.”

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One Response to “Titletown In Titletown: Where Beer & History Hook Up In Many Ways”
  1. adamlofquist says:

    Awesome pictures! I am the marketing manager for Titletown and I was wondering if we could use these pictures for our brewsletter and add them to our Facebook account. We would love to buy you a beer for sharing.


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