Give The Legand A Break & Check Out His Awesome Steakhouse

Whatever your opinion of the now retired Brett Favre is for the past three years of drama, he is one of the greatest players to ever play the game and for 16 hard-core years he was all ours.  We all know he’ll be back one day for that one day signing and retirement that will send him to the Hall-Of-Fame in his Packers jersey, but until that happens, if you’ve never been to Green Bay, the Brett Favre Steakhouse is one terrific place to eat both for the food and the fantastic decor.  We took lots of pictures there while filming an interview with Manager Carrie O’Connor and we’ve posted some just for you.  And an absolute must try is a lager made by Leinies specifically for the Brett Favre Steakhouse.  And if Packers memorabilia is your thing, there’s more than enough of it for any fan to get through in one dinner sitting.  Believe us, we tried.  Thanks to Carrie for a terrific interivew and to the restaurant for being so full of cool things.


* * *

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