Wisco Hotel Group’s Original Location Is A Charming Place To Stay…

Staying at the Wisco Hotel Group’s original Holdiay Inn location in Fon Du Lac was such a pleasure as it’s a charming hotel with a sense of history to it.  One of our favorite parts about being there was the Holidome (see photos), an indoor pool and gaming area that seems to be the originator of what started the whole waterpark thing we see throughout Wisconsin (and the newer Wisco Hotels) now.  Despite that, it still has magnificent charm and a sense of history in the prestent.  And if that wasn’t enough, Duffy’s Bar and Restaurant is also a great place to have a beer and watch a Brewers game (or Packers, now that footaball is back on)…  

Also inclueded here are photos of their Comfort Inn Hotel in Fon Du Lac adjacent to the Holiday Inn location.  

Check them out at: www.wiscohotels.com

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One Response to “Wisco Hotel Group’s Original Location Is A Charming Place To Stay…”
  1. The photos you have presented are pretty good. The guests can enjoy playing in the recreation area. This will probably give you the convenient of staying. Thank you for the information you have given.


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