Ella’s Deli & Ice Cream Parlor – Past, Present & Fantasy

I had the pleasure of dining with our dear friend Steve “The Owner” Tate at Ella’s Deli several months ago and it was quite the pleasing experience for a number of reasons, particular the great deli food and ice cream, but also the decor.  So many things from the past and present on display, yet with a sense of wonder and fantasy to them all.  And as with nearly every eating esetablishment in Wisconsin, the Packers and Brewers had their designated space too (see photos below).  If ever in Madison, check them out.  You can’t miss the place since it has a carousel right in front (on Washington Avenue heading south towards the Capital building).  You can also check them out here:  Ella’s Deli

* * *

Ella's Ext Ella's Deli 01 Ella's Deli 02 Ella's Deli 03 Ella's Deli 04 Ella's Deli 05 Ella's Deli 06 Ella's Deli Brewers Ella's Deli Packers Ella's Ext COREY COYLE

* * *


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