We Love Wisconsin Cheese

There are so many wonderful cheese products to choose from in Wisconsin, so to vote on which one you love most is like picking your favorite child, but we get that it’s all in fun, so go vote and have fun with yet another great Cheesehead tradition.  We love our frineds at Wisconsin Cheese and want to support them in spreading the word.

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WMMB Logo GREEN Vote For Favorite WI Cheese Cheese And Crackers Gold Bullion Cheese

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4 Responses to “We Love Wisconsin Cheese”
  1. Animockery says:

    All I will say is that California should read this.


  2. I remember some of the cheeses you brought from Wisc., but one in particular, smoked? was unbelievable. I’m happy to say that finally, Israel has a great cheese industry, but NOT like Wisc.


    • Smoked cheddar is amazing there as they often grow the trees on the same property as they make the cheese. Also I know you loved those cheese curds we’re so un-famous for… You better bring back some cheese from there next time I see you.


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