Packers Beat Vikings & Beer With Friends, What More Do You Need…

Since making it to Lambeau was not an optoin due to a heavy editing schedule for the documentary, the second best thing was to hit a sports bar with family, friends, and a few hundred other Packers fans (and some Vikings fans as well).  The beer was strong, the Packers even stronger, and victory was ours.  Now on to San Francisco…  Here’s a few shots of the nights events.

* * *

PACKERS Home 010513 Cheesehead Necklace G Force WINE Packers Vikes 01 Packers Vikes 02 Packers Vikes 03

* * *

4 Responses to “Packers Beat Vikings & Beer With Friends, What More Do You Need…”
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  2. jumpingpolarbear says:

    Bet it was a fun night in the Wisconsin area :).


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