Bombers, Beers, Burgers & A Really Big Chair

Just happened across these photos again of Bomber’s in Milwaukee last fall, most well know for their Bomber’s Burger that was featured on the Food Wars last summer.  I also wonder if the place might have been named after the Mitchell B-25 Bomber, since General Billy Mitchell was from Milwaukee and his presence is see throughout the town.  Of course that’s just speculation on my part.

As always, the local beers (Lakefront in particular) were terrific, the food was amazing, and my friend and I (she was visiting Milwaukee for the first time from London) had a terific time laughing it up about the peanut bomber planes they through at each table suspended from wires that dump the peanuts in a bucket on the back of the table (or maybe that was the beer making us laugh).  And of course one cannot leave Bomber’s without sitting in one of those immense chairs out front.  Have a go at it whenever you get the chance to be there.

* * *

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