Seymour Wisconsin: The Original Home Of The Hamburger

In case you didn’t know it, the hamburger originated in Wisconsin and is now, much like the Green Bay Packers are to football, one of the most famous food items in the world.  We’ll be covering that fact in the documentary.  In the meantime, the below statement is the official Wisconsin state legislation statement declaring Seymour the Home Of The Hamburger (followed by some great photos of Hamburger Charlie and the grills in downtown Seymour).

The State of Wisconsin
2007 Assembly Joint Resolution

Relating to: Seymour, Wisconsin, as the home of the hamburger,
Whereas, Seymour, Wisconsin, is the right home of the hamburger; and,
Whereas, other accounts of the origination of the hamburger trace back only so far as the 1880s, while Seymour’s claim can be traced to 1885; and,

Whereas, Charles Nagreen, also known as Hamburger Charlie, of Seymour, Wisconsin, began calling ground beef patties in a bun “hamburgers” in 1885; and,
Whereas, Hamburger Charlie first sold his world-famous hamburgers at age 15 at the first Seymour Fair in 1885, and later at the Brown and Outagamie county fairs; and,
Whereas, Hamburger Charlie employed as many as eight people at his famous hamburger tent, selling 150 pounds of hamburgers on some days; and,
Whereas, the hamburger has since become an American classic, enjoyed by families and backyard grills alike; now, therefore, be it
Resolved by the assembly, the senate concurring, That the members of the Wisconsin legislature declare Seymour, Wisconsin, the Original Home of the Hamburger.

 State Capitol
Madison, Wisconsin
May 9, 2007

* * *

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