Fromagination: Where Imagination And Cheese Are Best Friends

When we visited Fromagination, a specialty cheese shop on Capital Square in Madison, to interview owner Ken Montelone for the documentary, we had no idea that we were in for one of the most unique cheese shops in the entire state of Wisconsin.  Located just across the street from the Capital building, it serves host to many a lunch patron with it’s deli sandwhiches, cheese plates, and wine, but more importantly it carries dozens of varieties of hard-to-find Wisconsin cheese, many from local dairies within a short driving distance of Madison.  We loved this place for its character and comfort, and had a great time interviewing Ken for the documentary.  His imagination to come up with something so special while incorporating everything we love about Wisconsin into it was and is a delight to see.

Here’s a little snip from the Fromagination wesbite:  “At Fromagination, we have a passion for artisan cheese and perfect companions. That’s why we were named a 2011 Outstanding Retailer by the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade.”

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