Old Fashioned: The Story Of The Wisconsin Supper Club

We recently made friends with fellow filmmaker Holly De Ruyter who is doing a remarkable project about WisconsinSupper Clubs so we thought it only fitting to share her work since it is a topic that fits right in with what we are doing.  While we too asked around about Supper Clubs while filming in Wisconsin, ours was a secondary search into what they are all about whereas her documentary is a full on look into the topic.  They could also use your help for finishing funds on Kickstarter so check them out at the Old Fashioned Kickstarter page.

From their website Old Fashioned   “In the 30’s and 40’s supper clubs sprung up around the United States. They provided a place for people to spend their evenings enjoying cocktails, home cooked, high class food and entertainment. The supper club scene slowly faded from the rest of the country, but took a strong root in Wisconsin. Around for decades, supper clubs in Wisconsin have been able to hold their own style and traditions. They offer unique food, atmosphere and a personal touch that is not seen in the modern dining trends of dine and dash.  Old Fashioned: The Story of the Wisconsin Supper Club will take you into this world that is uniquely Wisconsin.”

* * *

Photos (C) “Old Fashioned: The Story Of The Wisconsin Supper Club” – for promotional purposes.

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