Hodags, Beer Kegs & Dear Antlers Galore With Big Guy Hats & Lexxy The Cow

We had the great pleasure of visiting and interviewing Jeff Kahlow of Big Guy Hats in Fon Du Lac twice over the course of our filming and got to watch just what he does first hand.  Every hat Jeff makes is a one of a kind.  He makes these custom hats for die-hard fans, hunters, and celebrities all over the country, but mostly for people in Wisconsin and every one of them is unique.  Even if two hodag hats look similar, each one was cut and crafted by hand so they are all originals.  You may have seen Jeff and his family in previous posts at Lambeau wearing the SB45 Ring hats, or as Frozen Tundra Man (see our poster on the Super Fan page).  We also brought along Lexxy The Cow (our tag along crew member who loves her photo being taken) to take part in the fun at Jeff’s work studio, so check out the photos of her and his work.  Jeff was also featured on Fox 6 News out of Milwaukee in August of this past year so you really gotta check that clip out (embeding wasn’t available, link is below).  Jeff’s hats were also featured for about ten seconds during the Packers – Raiders game this past week on CBS and his named was actaully mentioned on air.  Photos of that are below as well…

Thanks to Jeff and his family for being so cool in accomodating us, and to Tom Pipines at Fox 6 for his great coverage of Jeff’s truely unique work.

* * *

Big Guy Hats a hot accessory for Packers fans

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