Nueske’s Meats Are As Unique As Their Name

Our first taste of Nueske’s bacon was purely by accident and in California at that.  A friend brought some over and it was so good that someone blurted out half joking, half not that “this must be from Wisconsin”.  The back of the package revealed that it was true, a little town in the center of the state called Wittenberg.  We made a point to stop there on our way out of Green Bay on Highway 29 heading towards Wausau and their on-site store lived up to being as interesting as their meats (and their name).  While we’ve only been able to find it in California at some more high end stores (and exhorbitantly priced), the Nueske’s store had tons of options (and at Midwest prices as well).  Their beef sticks make for an incredible game-day snack, and the smoked bacon is the best we’ve ever had.

No matter where we’ve been throughout the state, the quality of the food has been of key interest to us since it seems it is better there than just about anywhere else. Nueske’s is well worth a stop if you happen to be heading to Green Bay on 29.  They also do online sales at Nueskes

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