Red Barns Across The Wisconsin Landscape

During one of our interviews about Frank Lloyd Wright we learned that he was in love with the Red Barns that scattered the scenic landscape throughout Wisconsin.  Rumor has it he even wanted to get the Wisconsin legislature to pass a law stating that all barns in Wisconsin should be painted red.  To that end, we took a few Red Barn shots along the way as we traveled around Wisconsin so here they are, along with a terrific shot supplied by Steve “The Owner” Tate who happened to get hold of a great shot of himself and several fellow Cheeseheads during and event a few weeks ago in southern Wisconsin.



* * *

2 Responses to “Red Barns Across The Wisconsin Landscape”
  1. Great barns! I would love to know their location thought, even something like “Wausau” or whatever. That’s what makes it uniquely Wisconsin.

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