The Tailgate Tour At East High School: Way Too Awesome…

Okay, so we’re posting this one a bit late but this, just as most everything is about our beloved Packers, is timeless.  Courtesy of the Green Bay Packers (thanks Aaron), we had the luxury of shooting at the event and getting some amazing coverage for the documentary as well as these terrific photos.

It was great to see Steve “The Owner” Tate, Bruce “Acme Packers” and many of the other wonderful fans for whom we are making this about and because of at the event which pretty much wrapped up our shooting schedule this May.  Beyond that, it was totally awesome to be within an arms reach of all four Lombardi Trophies.  What a great night for all…

Of course now that we have finished the postings from the last shooting schedule and are about to embark on an eight week shooting stint throughout Wisconsin (and a few other states, more on that later), get ready to be diluged with all things Cheesehead over the next two months while we work hard to finish up our shooting schedule and bring you “Cheeseheads: The Documentary”…

* * *

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