A Giant Beach Ball To The Head For Our Cameraman…

Having been hard at work on editing some new promos from the footage we shot during May, we are a bit behind on the posting.  Here’s the first of what will hopefully be one a day over the next month before we head back to Wisconsin for more filming.


As with any good sporting event, it pays to get the best shot you can and here’s an instance where it really was the best shot possible.  While filming for the documentary at the Green Bay Blizzard game in Green Bay on May 7th, our camera man was struck in the head repeatedly by a beach ball the size of a pickup truck (see photo below) during a test of wills between fans and Marines.  He was quick enough to protect the camera, ignoring his personal safety, and getting the ultimate shot.  Though it may not end up in the documentary, it deserves to be shown from his bravery (or stupidity) and good sense of humor in getting the shot at all costs.



* * *

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