Lots Of Local History At The Castle In Appleton

We had a terrific shoot and interview at The History Museum At The Castle in Appleton in mid-May.  Museum Curator of Collections Matthew Carpenter gave us one of more in depth interviews on the broader aspects of Wisconsin history, particularly as it related to the Appleton area.  He also gave some terrific insight into Harry Houdini facts that we’ll be posting photos of in the next few days.  While the musuem had a wide rangfe of exhibits on display, the two that caught our eye (beyond Houdini, of course) were the bust of Senator McCarthy (see photo) and the appltly fitting Rocky Bleier jersey and cleets (see photo), fitting because he was a Pittsburg Steeler and we just beat them in the Super Bowl, but he was also born in Appleton (thus a fellow cheesehead).  Thanks to Matthew and Melissa for getting involved and making this happen.



* * *

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