Fan Fun & The Joy Of Being 13 and 0…

13 & 0, or 13-0, or even thirteen and zero…  No matter how you say, show, or spell it, we are still undefeated.  To honor that, here are a few fan photos, unique perspective shots, and of course a Lombardi Trophy from the Hall of Fame (one more soon to be there) from various events … Continue reading

Super Bowl XLV – Our Week Long Cheeseheads Adventure Begins Now!

Super Bowl XLV is but a week away, and though we won’t be arriving in Arlington Texas until Tuesday to begin our coverage of Super Bowl week leading up to the game, we are able to get an early start on things with photos supplied by a member of our team who lives in Arlington. … Continue reading

Forget The Terrible Towels, Get The Titletown Towels

    Who would have thought that the Pittsburgh Steelers “Terrible Towel” is actually manufactured in Wisconsin…  It would figure that we contribute more to this years world stage than just the best NFC team.  Of course now they are producing the Titletown Towel for Super Bowl XLV, and well they should.  For more on … Continue reading