Super Bowl XLV – Our Week Long Cheeseheads Adventure Begins Now!

Super Bowl XLV is but a week away, and though we won’t be arriving in Arlington Texas until Tuesday to begin our coverage of Super Bowl week leading up to the game, we are able to get an early start on things with photos supplied by a member of our team who lives in Arlington.

Over the past few days a massive Super Bowl sign has been under construction outside the stadium and these are some of the photos of the progress being made as it goes up bit by bit.  Check back every day for updates as we will be posting all new images (and video) detailing our journey through Super Bowl week as we follow the Cheesehead Nation and the Green Bay Packers in hopefully bringing the Lombardi Trophy back home where it belongs.

*** All photos on this page (C) CHEESEHEADS: The Documentary ***

* * *

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