A Part Of Lawrence University History

We had a fun time screening the film at the amazingly beautiful Lawrence University Warch Center on an even more gorgeous campus that has been a part of Wisconsin since, well before Wisconsin was even a state (1847), though despite it’s founding then, first classes were not held until the fall of 1849.

Needless to say, I was honored to be able to screen the film there not only for the great venue, but for the sake of a great and rich history as well.  Thanks to those Greg at Lawrence University for hosting us on our crazy Cheeseheads journey, and for the awesome movie marquee outside the Warch Center.

And asa always, thanks to our promotional partners:  @DonJohnsonAuto @wiscohotel @Nueskes @WisconsinCheese @CheeseCurdsWI @mustardgirlUSA

* * *

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