Getting Up Before Sunrise To Be On WKOW (Madison)

Being scheduled for a 6:15 am call time is one of those things that comes with the territory, so I was up before the sunrise (thank you, farmers. you do it all the time) to be on WKOW ABC 27 in Madison.  And while it was way too early for my usual, it was still a lot of fun hanging with Marty from BIFF, and getting to promote the film to a Madison audience.  It was also a blast to put some film promo props on the set, including our very own Cheeseheads Beer from our friends at Valkyrie Brewing Company in Dallas.

You can check out the interview here on WKOW Cheeseheads.

I don’t think I’ll be fully satisfied until I get on every channel in Wisconsin, so plenty more to come.

* * *

At WKOW Wall

Marty ME Art Shot

Marty ME Brandon

Marty ME Chair

Table Top CH BIFF

Table Top CH

The Droids You Seek

WKOW at 645am

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