Spreading The Cheesehead Love (Of Wisconsin)

The Green Bay Press Gazette, along with the Fond du Lac Reporter, and the Oshkosh Northwester, ran feature stories on the documentary this weekend.  I knew it was coming, since we did the interview a couple of months back, but I had no idea that Gannett media would be so awesome as to publish it all over the state.  What an awesome launch to our upcoming DVD Launch Party tour.  More information on that will be coming soon.  For now, check out the article at the following sites:  Fond du Lac Reporter Life Section and Oshkosh Northwestern Life Section.  The photos below are from the Green Bay Press Gazette that was an awesome two page spread (they haven’t posted it to the site yet).

* * *

GBPG Cover

GBPG Cover Full

* * *

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