Gotta Love The New Wisco Hotel In Fond du Lac

I finally got to stay at the new Wicso Hotels Holiday Inn Express in Fond du Lac a short while back, and it was awesome.  Exceptionally designed for the business traveller such as myself, well not a business traveller so much as traveling on business.  But you get the point.  It has a flavor of modern, and everything is thought out to be in just the right place.  Plus, no giant pool (just a small one), just noise levels were nearly non-existent.  Check it out when next in FDL.

* * *

An HI Express 01

Computer Station

Dining Room Light

First Floor

Fitness Room 03

Forth Floor Hallway

Pool Area 01

Sitting Lounge

* * *


One Response to “Gotta Love The New Wisco Hotel In Fond du Lac”
  1. Jenny says:

    You spelled Beaver Dam wrong under The Documentary/Interviews & Locations, or was that intentional?


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