Ten Wonderful Wisconsin Oddities

The title says it rather clearly, these are ten shots of some of the wonderful oddities I’ve encountered in my travels around Wisconsin making this documentary (that is now finished, working on release screenings and dates for this fall).  There’s a little note below each photo to let you know a bit about it.

* * *

Art Barn On 27 North

Art on a barn somewhere near Fond Du Lac.

Awesome Sunlight PDC

Where pillar peams go to die (near Prarie Du Chein).

Confused Arrows ELEVA

Which Way?  A confused sign in Eleva (the Driftless region).


I know, not named after me, but one can dream (at U.W. Oshkosh).


Not that odd, but I loved the David Lynch film of the same name (also Eleva).


Incredibly odd unless you’re from Wisconsin, then it’s norm (near Mt. Horab).

Pink Bar Brothertown

Three bars in a row.  There were three churches after that (Winnebego).

Senior Citizens Parking GB

Have never seen this outside Wisconsin, but it makes sense (Green Bay).

Six Pack Is Eight

This is just one reason why we are the best drinkers on earth.

Welcome To WINTER

Winter lasts so long here, we named a town after it.

* * *

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