U.W. Oshkosh, A Visual Representation

U.W. Oshkosk several connections to what we did in the documentary.  It’s where I interviewed Randall Davidson for the history of Wisconsin Public Radio, where the Fredric March Theatre is, and also where we had good success with contributions in post-production.  That it’s a lovely campus makes for a great visual representation fo the campus that has so much more to offer than just it’s good looks.

* * *

U.W. Oshkosh 00 U.W. Oshkosh 08 U.W. Oshkosh 11 U.W. Oshkosh 12 U.W. Oshkosh 13 U.W. Oshkosh 14 U.W. Oshkosh 18 U.W. Oshkosh 23 U.W. Oshkosh 27 U.W. Oshkosh 37

* * *

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