A Tank In Every Town

Wiscosnin has a long-standing and deeply rooted respect for the military.  And in consideration of that, it’s of no surprise that just about every town small or big that I’ve been through around the state, I find that at one town park or another, or in the case of Fon Du Lac, the American Legion, has a retired tank, a helicoptor, or in some cases (such as Merril) a fighter jet on display.  And it’s not as if we Cheeseheads need them for defense, what with how nice and welcoming we are to strangers.  I have hundreds of shots of these from around the state that we’ll start posting, but in the meantime, here’s a snow covered few shots from FDL.

* * *

American Legion Foxhole

Chopper Tank

Chopper CU

Tank CU

* * *

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