A Snow Covered Small Town

Almena is a small town that you’ll miss if you blink off Highway 8 in Barron County.  One reason to keep your eyes open and pull over if traveling that way is the Almena Meat Company.  Try the double smoked beef snack sticks and, if you love smoked sausages, you’ll love these even more.  I make a point to stop and get some every time I am traveling that way (luckily I have family there, so I get there whenever I can).  And of course, like all small Wisconsin towns, there’s evidence of the love of the Green Bay Packers on obvious display.  On a humorous note, Lake Almena is actually just a duck pond, but they named it a lake anyhow.  The Cheesehead sense of humor abounds everywhere around this state.

* * *

Alemena Lake CU

Almena Grain Bin

Almena Meat Building

Almena Meat CO

Almena Meat Sign

Almena SUN

Almena Tower SNOW

Impact 7 Building

Impact 7 Flags CU

* * *

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