Packers playoff games mean big business for some

Brat, cheese, and beer sales are always solid in Wisconsin, but they certainly spike higher than usual for January during playoff weekends.

Saz MKE 01 Saz MKE 02 Saz MKE 03 Saz MKE 04

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — When the Green Bay Packers go to the playoffs, the players win, the fans win, and certain businesses definitely win.

For Michael Paris, chef at Saz’s State House, there was excitement because of the Packers’ victory over the Bears.

“It was very much an added bonus for us,” said Paris.

The win means a playoff game at Lambeau Field — and that means additional business for Saz’s. The restaurant operates “Tundra Tailgate Zone” at the stadium. It’s a big game-day entertainment tent just outside of the Oneida entrance.

“When we plan all season, we’re optimistic for the playoffs certainly as the team has enjoyed success over the years. But we don’t necessarily count on it,” said Paris. “So when there’s an opportunity such as a home playoff game we get very excited.”

Paris is expecting about 5,000 people to pass through the tent…

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