Wisconsin Weather Gone Wild

While I am off in Southern California editing on a breezy 73 degree day, my family was stuck in the minus 27 degree weather in the Rice Lake area (see top photo below).  That’s where I would be if there right now, and that’s also a one hundred degree difference.  Futher, it was a change of 60+ degrees downward in the area during a thirty six hour period alone from Saturday night to Monday morning.

Wisconsin, especially in the Northwoods where the lake affect can kick one over on you, has always seen great temperature swings in both directions during a short period of time.  No wonder the weather is always a topic of conversation on any given day in Wisconsin.  After all, it may change by the time you’re done talking.

* * *

Minus 27 BRRR Saturday 42 Degrees Temp Drop In 12 Hours Wind Chill Advisory

* * *

NOTE:  Photos courtesy of WEAU TV 13 in Eau Claire Wisconsin (borrowed from their Facebook Page, for promotional use only).

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