Manitowoc On A Foggy Day

Manitowoc, home of the Marine Musuem and Sputnikfest 2013.  For those not in the know, a chunck of one of the Sputnik satellites crashed down in the middle of one of the streets (it was about the sixe of a softball, no one got hurt), and since then the locals have, as we do all over the state, created yet another reason to get together for good food, great beer, and hanging out with each other.  Of course the day I arrived in Manitowoc it was rather gloomy and foggy, giving it a bit of an X Files feel.  Even so it’s a neat place to visit with an old world meets new world flavor, and lots of water related things to do right on the shore of Lake Michigan.  You can check out their visitors guide here:  2013 Visitors GuideOrder yours now!

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Fog Entering Manitowoc Manitowoc Ship Building CO Marine Museum ALL Manitowoc Marina Manitowoc 05 Manitowoc 04 Manitowoc 03 Manitowoc 02 Manitowoc 01

Marine Museum CU

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