City Brewery – The Private Label King Of La Crosse

La Crosse is home to City Brewery, which is home to the worlds largest six pack (see photos), a line mentioned in an episode of “House” during it’s last season (any mention of Wisconsin on TV catches my attention).  Interesting thing about City Brewery is that they make a boat load of private label beers for a number of companies (so does Minhaus down in Monroe).  I’ve seen and tasted their private label stuff and it’s pretty damn good, and usually quite affordable.  So here are some shots of my visit to the SIX PACK from heaven all in the name of having fun.

* * *

City Brewery 01 City Brewery 02 City Brewery 03 City Brewery 04 City Brewery 05 City Brewery 06 City Brewery 07 City Brewery 08 City Brewery 09 City Brewery 10 City Brewery 11 City Brewery 12

* * *

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