Wisconsin Goods: Proudly Selling Wisconsin

We met up with the people from Wisconsin Goods last fall in our search for all things Wisconsin and it was a blast getting to know them and all of the awesome Wisconsin Goods that they sell to people all over the country, including one of the more popular items you can’t get anywhere else, Wisconsin Cheese Curds.  A good deal of their items are Packers and Badgers related (and why not), but they also have a lot of Wiscosnin originals like beer hats and variety packs of Wisconsin Root Beer.  And just as our website is all things Wisconsin, so are their products.  You can check them out at: Wisconsin Goods

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2 Responses to “Wisconsin Goods: Proudly Selling Wisconsin”
  1. Hey John, the owners choose what products to sell and you should be able to contact them through their website if you have something they might be interested in.


  2. How are Wisconsin goods selected?


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