Wisconsin Badgers – Party At The Pier in Santa Monica California

We attended the Wisconsin Badgers “Party At The Pier” event in Santa Monica California for all things Bucky and a sea of red.  Despite the dense fog and Madison like weather (or perhaps because of), it was phenomenal to see thousands of Wisconsin fans, fellow Cheeseheads, and the entire Badgers football team and coaching staff in attendance, as well as Bucky, The Band, and The Spitir Squad throwing a downright Cheesehead tailgate just a few feet from the Pacific Ocean (which we couldn’t even see due to the dense fog that invaded the event).  It was also pretty cool to see all the businesses in the area with sign of welcome to Badgers fans.  Of course they want the tourist dollars, but it makes us proud to see a Wisconsin presence 1500 miles away from the state itself.

Just as last year when the Packers brought the Tundra to Texas for the Super Bowl, it seems that Bucky brought the fog to California for this years Rose Bowl.  Enjoy the photos and look for more after the Rose Bowl as we will be in attendance there.  We’ll have video clips for you as well in due time…  GO BADGERS!

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