Chateau St. Croix & The Cheesehead White Wine

In honor of the New Year we thought it only fitting to talk about one of Wisconsin’s lesser known attractions, its wineries.  Just like the breweries all over the state, micro-wineries have become quite popular and prosperous for embracing the cheesehead culture as part of what they are all about.  We had the pleasure of interviewing Laura (co-owner with her husband) of Chateau St. Croix shortly after we had interviewed artist Christine Kapp, and learned that they are the makers of the Cheesehead White wine that we had seen around the state in various fans collections, home bars, and man caves.  They are a gem of a place in St. Croix Falls and have what can only be described as a German style castle for a winery, and a stunning castle at that on rolling hills with amazing views just off the St. Croix River (that separates Wisconsin from Minnesota).  This place was astounding and unexpected, and the owners were terrific to get to know.  Make a point to visit the next time you are in Western Wisconsin, or go to their website and pick up a bottle of the Cheesehead White for yourself at: Chateau St. Croix.  Happy New Year!!!

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One Response to “Chateau St. Croix & The Cheesehead White Wine”
  1. Molly Dillon says:

    Love your wine! My sister lives up by the La Crosse, Wisconsin area and can only find the wine without the cheese head on top. Where could she find some with the Cheese Head? Thanks!
    Molly GO PACKERS!


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