In The Midst Of Tranquility – Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin (Exteriors)

With the blessing of the Frank Lloyd Wright foundation, we had the distinct pleasure of visting and filming at Taliesin back in August that included a splendid sit down interview with Wright historian Karen Murphy.  Fascinated as we have always been about Wright’s architectural brilliance, we had no idea that what we were entering that day was home on some many levels.  Taliesin is the definition of Wisconsin for its location, the stunning views of nature, and its unending dedication to detail.  From the moment you enter the property, you immediately feel at home as though it were your own (even though you know full well it is not).  Wright was the master of architecture and Taliesin is, if not his most brilliant work, at the least his most intimate and charming.  It’s a true Wisconsin original for a man who will stand out as one of Wisconsin (and the worlds) most brilliant minds.

Note:  There was so much to cover at the estate that this posting is part one of three as there were just too many great photos.

* * *

Photos (C) 2011 – I AM Productions

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