Rhinelander Beer & Hodags In The Great Northwoods

We had the great pleasure of interviewing Brenda O’Rourke, Head of Marketing for the Rhinelander Brewing Company, when we went in search of Hodags in Rhinelander this fall.  Rhinelander Beer is best known for the 7 oounce shorties in the amazingly cool looking little bottles.  What we loved most about them, besides the pleasing taste of a quality beer, was that they are not about indulgence drinking, but about enjoying a classic tasting beer with a cool tradition behind it.  That they also incorporate Rhinelander’s infamous mythical creature the Hodag into their marketing makes this beer a lot of fun.  Brenda gave us some great quotes on Wisconsin’s great Northwoods, Rhinelander Beer, and just what a Hodag really is (or so they say). They also have several new craft brews too and you can check those out at:  Rhinelander Brewery.

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