2011 White House Christmas Tree Is A Fellow Cheesehead

As further evidence that we are a world class championship state, Schroeder Forevergreens located out of Neenah won the 2011 Grand National Championship thus the tree that is now in the White House in Washington D.C. is yet another of our fellow Cheeseheads (a wooded version, but a Cheesehead nonetheless).  With all of the cheese awards we win anually, this years sports related championship games, a Super Bowl XLV victory, another appearance at the Rose Bowl this time around, and likely a follow up Super Bowl in the Packers so far perfect season, it’s good to know that even the trees of this great state can win championships all their own.

Below is an official White House video from Youtube that shows the arrival of the tree in Washington.  The photos are a few from the website for Schroeder Forevergreens.

* * *

* * *

Above photos used for promotional purposes only with respect to the sources original (C)…

* * *

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